Monday, January 26, 2015


How to describe it other than AMAZING!!!!! Last month we went for a short vacation to THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to see my family , to rest , relax , renew...... and  enjoy  as much as we could of such a beautiful gem of the Caribbean. We decided to go to the north side of the country and visited some of the gorgeous beaches around there. The one in the picture above for example is "La playita" (the little beach) which is located in LAS GALERAS, a small town in the city of SAMANA.
The place is peaceful , quiet, needless to say that the mountains make the view even more wonderful, and I'll tell you what.... this picture doesn't do real justice, since you can see a little bit of dirt on the water at the moment we took it. The water was all the time crystal clear!!
There is absolutely  nothing like breathing the air of the sea... PURE AIR... listening to the sounds of the waves, and delighting your eyes with  the view of a majestic panorama like this one. The sea is just one of my favorite of God's creations. 

And of course, we are missing something.... FOOD!! hehehe... Yes that comes in the package, in La playita and almost in any other beach you find restaurants that would serve pretty much any type of seafood  you want. In our case this was one of our options. This is  what in Dominican Republic is called "The dominican flag" (rice, beans,a type of meat and salad + fried plantains)  in the pic my husband also added fried eggplants... Those were DELISSSHHH. Oh and the most famous beer in the country : Presidente. 

Las Galeras is a very touristic town, as I mentioned before still quiet, non crowded, friendly, hotels and other rentals have a wide range of prices so it is easy to find the right one that fits your budget. There are lotssss of fun activities and tours to take while visiting there. If  you ever go visit PLEASE do not miss PLAYA RINCON. It is just a spectacular place. We did not go this time because we had previously been there. It is AMAZING. 

We saw these wild horses on our way out of La Playita. How cool is that? I love to see wild animals in their habitats. 

 Awesome.. surrounded by lots of green , nature , turquoise water that sometimes turns into kind of a beautiful greenish color, depending on the place. (town or city)  

And these were some of the pictures taken in LAS GALERAS. Relaxing, and enjoying this majestic peaceful beach. This was the beginning of our vacation. In my next post  I'll continue sharing some of the fun places that we got the chance to visit.

Have you been to The Dominican Republic? Have you visited La Playita in Las Galeras, Samana? 

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


This product has been kindly provided to me for review purposes, opinions are 100% mine.

Yes!! I have been doing some research on some weight loss aids... and of course Garcinia Cambogia is one of the  most popular ones out there. As I previously stated I was provided with this product to try it and review it.... so here's my opinion about it : 

*I like about it that is the only one that I found that contains 45 mg of Calcium, 
*It is GMO and GLUTEN FREE (very important) 
*100% natural 
*No harsh Solvents 
*No artificial ingredients  
*And as it clearly says on the on the package "PURE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT .... 85% HCA COMPLEX  

The serving size is 1 capsule per day and it contains 60 capsules per container. (veggi capsules as you can see in the picture. I'm also trying the Raspberry Ketones shown in the picture ,  it was also provided with the Cambogia. 

Here are the facts that were very relevant  to me. I read them from the manufacturer : 
"Summit Nutritions Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Pure and Natural formula which comes in Clinical Strength, which control your appetite, blocks fat, increase serotonin level (Good for people who eat more in stress) and increase the energy level. The ultimate weight loss goal is achieved by only proper use of Diet and Exercise and the goal is boosted by Garcinia Cambogia fat blocking effect as studied in many credible clinical studies. We also provide the assurance of 100% Satisfaction or Money back Guarantee to assure return on your investment. We would like to be part of your weight loss goal."

The company that manufactures this product is SUMMIT NUTRITIONS,  In this link you can get their PURE GARCINIA CAMBOGIA as well as other of their products at Amazon

In addition to these supplements I'm also trying to help the process with lots of veggies and fruits and healthy food. I think when you want to loose weight you shouldn't rely in one product only... you may agree that your  diet should be balanced and healthy.  Also  include a little space for exercising. 

This is all for now . I may post a second part of this review to show the progress on this experience. 

How about you?  Are you trying to lose weight? Are you thinking in trying Garcinia Cambogia ? Are you using it now? 

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Disclaimer : product provided by Summit Nutritions through Tomoson. For more info see FAQs 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chasing My Fit ME With Walmart Family Mobile

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it's advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HappyNewMe  #CollectiveBias

HELLO JANUARY 2015!!... In my opinion, since January is the first month of the year, it is always synonymous with GOALS , RESOLUTIONS, FRESH STARTS , NEW COMMITMENTS ETC , ETC , ETC.  My theme this 2015? Chasing my fit me , becoming a healthier foodie... and the big thing for me "no coke this year", I really want to replace coke for vitamin water. So I do believe it was definitely a great idea to get this Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan from Walmart. It has been great to be able to keep track of my goals on the phone as well as doing all kinds of research looking for new apps , recipes , blogs and sharing ideas with other bloggers and friends that are on the same path. 

We are trying to save to keep up with our goals, so we went to the Walmart Family Mobile store and found The LG L90 Phone for only $34.88 a month ($29.88 for additional lines) Including the unlimited talk text that I mentioned above and 5GB of 3G data. So that was a sweet deal. We bought ours online for $119.00 and picked it up at the store the same day, and while there we got the starter kit that costs $25.00. The price at the store is higher than 119, so if you are just like me // a saver :)  // order it online and go pick it up later .... Maybe when you are going to do the shopping???  Kill 2 birds with same shot hehehe  :) and save yourself some gas.... Thank you very much.  

Oh Yeah!!!! That picture above it's me looking for different ideas to prepare my vitamin waters. I'm following some healthy accounts on Instagram, I use the phone to check ideas on Google images, Pinterest and other social networks..... oh I also share my own ideas.... Example :  

Self explanatory right??  :) So easy and practical. Now I always put some fruit into my ice cubes then I just put them in a glass , pitcher or water bottle pour some water and VOILA!! Or you can even chew on them (Just kidding, that's no bueno for your teeth), but seriously it helps to keep my goal of no coke this year, replacing it for a healthier drink that at the same time has exciting flavors.

With  my LG L90 I'm learning  to enjoy a variety of  healthy waters, I know that juicing is always great , but sometimes you do not have the time to make a juice, and also you probably won't drink juice all day long, on the other hand you and I know that drinking water throughout the day is not an option.  

APPS apps apps : I've been like crazy looking for apps on the phone about Paleo eating , which I want to get myself into now, I found this one that is Paleo Diets and Recipes. I haven't started yet, I'm still reading about the concept, the recipes , what and what not to eat , when and when not to eat and so forth. So I'm thankful I got one of the Walmart Best Plans, that way I'm not limited doing my research and looking for info on my phone . My plan has enough data text and talk and economically talking it is budget friendly.

This is the stand at the store that we picked up our phone, and  where we  got our starter kit at my Walmart in St Pete, where by the way a friendly associate named Dan did the activation on our phone for me and my husband, and a manager of the department named Jamie, nicely explained to us that the phone could be ordered for a lower price online (119) and be picked up at the store the same day. I always say that good price + good customer service = great whole package. I like that!!    

So here's me and some of my goals for 2015!!! What are some of your goals? How are you planning to reach them? Please share some of your ideas with me.  

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