Monday, January 26, 2015


How to describe it other than AMAZING!!!!! Last month we went for a short vacation to THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to see my family , to rest , relax , renew...... and  enjoy  as much as we could of such a beautiful gem of the Caribbean. We decided to go to the north side of the country and visited some of the gorgeous beaches around there. The one in the picture above for example is "La playita" (the little beach) which is located in LAS GALERAS, a small town in the city of SAMANA.
The place is peaceful , quiet, needless to say that the mountains make the view even more wonderful, and I'll tell you what.... this picture doesn't do real justice, since you can see a little bit of dirt on the water at the moment we took it. The water was all the time crystal clear!!
There is absolutely  nothing like breathing the air of the sea... PURE AIR... listening to the sounds of the waves, and delighting your eyes with  the view of a majestic panorama like this one. The sea is just one of my favorite of God's creations. 

And of course, we are missing something.... FOOD!! hehehe... Yes that comes in the package, in La playita and almost in any other beach you find restaurants that would serve pretty much any type of seafood  you want. In our case this was one of our options. This is  what in Dominican Republic is called "The dominican flag" (rice, beans,a type of meat and salad + fried plantains)  in the pic my husband also added fried eggplants... Those were DELISSSHHH. Oh and the most famous beer in the country : Presidente. 

Las Galeras is a very touristic town, as I mentioned before still quiet, non crowded, friendly, hotels and other rentals have a wide range of prices so it is easy to find the right one that fits your budget. There are lotssss of fun activities and tours to take while visiting there. If  you ever go visit PLEASE do not miss PLAYA RINCON. It is just a spectacular place. We did not go this time because we had previously been there. It is AMAZING. 

We saw these wild horses on our way out of La Playita. How cool is that? I love to see wild animals in their habitats. 

 Awesome.. surrounded by lots of green , nature , turquoise water that sometimes turns into kind of a beautiful greenish color, depending on the place. (town or city)  

And these were some of the pictures taken in LAS GALERAS. Relaxing, and enjoying this majestic peaceful beach. This was the beginning of our vacation. In my next post  I'll continue sharing some of the fun places that we got the chance to visit.

Have you been to The Dominican Republic? Have you visited La Playita in Las Galeras, Samana? 

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