Monday, March 21, 2016

It's been a while that I didn't publish a post like this here in my blog, however yesterday I heard a few interesting words that inspired me to. 

Toughen up: because life is fragile and time is short. We manage/administer them, we don't  own them though.  

Toughen up: because if there is something that is absolutely real and sure is "change' . Amazing how things can change overnight .. isn't it? Sometimes changes are to make us learn, understand and grow , some other times to make us smile, enjoy, laugh,  jump up and down and scream OH YEAH BABY... I DID IT/ I MADE IT / I GOT IT... hehehe or however it is that you celebrate!! 

Toughen up: because life is competition. Not competing with others  though, but competing with ourselves. It is all about a healthy competition to push ourselves to get our goals. The valuable goals, the ones that are worthy.  

Toughen up: because life is like the ocean, it certainly is really deep.... but we can always float :)  

Toughen up: because no pain, no gain. Do you want a six-pack abs? Yeah so do I.... I know that's going to take a lot of outside  running and eating a lot of Cabbage Wraps which are delish by the way. Go check them out!

Toughen up: because life is not for quitters. Are you? No you are not, if you were you wouldn't be reading this line right now.. you started at the beginning and you've made it this far. :) If we exercise not quitting small things, we won't  quit big ones either.  

Toughen up: because life is life... and in it you find things, things like people, people like oceans, like rivers, like lakes, like bays, like puddles. 

Toughen up: because life is complex, and yet still is very simple.  

Toughen up: because some things are meant to be understood, some others  are not.

Toughen up: because you are amazing... OH MY WOW!!! You just read my whole post. Oh you are tough!! Hehehe. :)  

Be tough yet lovely!!

Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon. 


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