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10 Facts about PRINCE

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So hours ago I heard this sad news all over the media about Prince's Death.I remember this conversation  I had with my husband  about Prince months ago, and as a result of that conversation I went to to read some things about him. 

Well, based on the info that I found on the website and other sources, I have now put together 10 facts about Prince. How people felt of him and his music, his career, how he felt about his music and some very interesting changes that he made through out his life.   


1- In an interview in 1999 with CNN, he was asked when did he know that music was going to be his career, he said that at the age of 12 he knew music was what he wanted to do the rest of his life.  

2- Stevie Wonder was one of his biggest music inspirations. 

3- His given  name at birth was PRINCE ROGERS NELSON. 

4- Prince won 7 Grammy Awards, and was nominated 30 times. 

5- Prince was known as "THE PURPLE ONE" because of his colorful fashions. 

6- When asked why he had changed his name, he explained: "I  searched deep within my heart and spirit and wanted to make a move to a new plateau in my life, one way in which I did that was changing my name, and so that divorced me from the past". 

7- He was born in Minneapolis MN. in 1958. 

8- Prince was known as an innovator and also wide known for eclectic work as well as his wide vocal range. 

9- Within his filmography, we can find "Purple Rain" , "Under The Cherry Moon", "Sign o' The Times" , and "Graffiti Bridge". 

10- In an interview he said that once  he changed his name back, he started to study the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, In that interview he said: "I just wanted a clean, simple approach to God"  He also added " It helped me in every aspect of my life, once you can clean out the complex, so to speak, then you start to see everything a bit more clear". Interesting that in the same video of that interview at the end you can see him receiving an award and he states: "AWARDS ARE WONDERFUL, BUT ALL PRAISE AND GLORY IS DUE TO THE TRUE GOD, JEHOVAH"

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