Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Exfoliation with Arabica Coffee Scrub - Review

Disclosure: I was provided with this product for review purposes, but opinions are  honest and 100% my own.

COFFEE ANYONE? :)  You Can probably tell by the picture how much I'm loving and enjoying my Arabica Coffee Scrub from Pure Body Naturals. I got this product a few weeks ago, and since the very first time I tried it in my much needed Spring Exfoliation I fell in love with it,  here's why:  

ARABICA COFFEE SCRUB is 100% natural, made with organic coffee, coconut and shea butter. I love how the manufacturer describes the product in their Amazon page, actually I decided to copy-paste it here for you, this is what it says: 

  • Hydrates and Moisturizes Your Skin: The secret to silky, supple skin is a great moisturizer that deeply hydrates! To help fight the dry, tight skin so many of us suffer from, our Coffee Scrub features a blend of luxurious and beneficial oils including Coconut, Olive, Grape Seed, and Sweet Almond. Your skin will be soft to the touch and properly nourished. And don't worry, these oils won't clog your pores or leave your skin with a greasy residue!  

  • All-Natural Formula: Whether you use our Arabica Coffee Scrub for cellulite, acne, or something in between, you can rest assured knowing that you're providing your body with a carefully selected blend of organic and all-natural ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, Shea and Cocoa Butter protect the skin while promoting cell repair for a youthful, rejuvenated glow! To make things even better, there are no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. "  This is the link to their page and product HERE.

Isn't that great? All those wonderful ingredients in one product. I can honestly say that it really smoothed my skin, the coconut and olive oil added that needed moisture. I used it in my whole body including my face as seen in the picture. 

It smells good, feels very good on the skin and you can definitely tell that it is 100% natural. Something else that called my attention about this product is that it says that it reduces cellulite , varicose veins and help fight acne.  Definitely handy to get SUMMER READY!!  

Do I recommend ARABICA COFFEE SCRUB? Absolutely!! I would recommend it for facial exfo, whole body exfo, mani-pedi exfo, and many other uses. I'll tell you what, even my Mr. Hubby accepted a coffee facial with Arabica Coffee Scrub, I did his facial with the coffee scrub and his face was very clean and smooth. So Pretty :)

Also, the service of the company? Very professional, good customer service ,very smooth and the package arrived on time and  in excellent conditions. Oh hey and something else and a VERY important factor.... the price? It's AWESOME.. Check it out HERE

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